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Airmen Knowledge Testing Supplement

The Airmen Knowledge Testing Supplement is a digital version of the handbook you’re given during the Part 107 test. It includes figures that are referenced in many of the questions. We also reference these same figures in our practice tests.

The full version can be downloaded here.

You can see from the cover that this handbook is not just for remote pilots. It’s used for sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot training. What you get is a 113-page book with a lot of stuff you don’t need for Part 107 pilots. Also, the images are very high resolution (probably for printing) making it hard for most computers/devices to render smoothly. So we’ve made our own concise version that’s just 23 pages with optimized images.

Our concise version can be downloaded here.

The Part 107 exam is not administered by the FAA but rather is contracted out to independent testing facilities. Unsurprisingly, it’s not clear what the test is actually called when you go to register.

What you’re looking for is Unmanned Aircraft General – Small for your first time and Unmanned General – Recurrent for those who are already certified and just need to renew their certification.

Search for your nearest test center here

The registration fee is around $175, which goes to the testing facility. The FAA receives nothing.

How long you should schedule your exam in advance really depends on the size of the facility. Some are small, one-computer rooms while others have 20 stations. Some people have been able to get in the next day while others have to wait a week. Plan accordingly.